Seymour Diamond have a simple yet effective approach to all their commissions: Fiona Diamond is 'hands-on' at all times and at all stages of the project, with no unnecessary layers of personnel or management protocols to get between her and the Client. Her organisation is deliberately small and select, with a hand-picked team in support.

From the very first Client consultation through to the development of the design and presentation and specification of the final spatial and interior layouts, the team will at all times be highly involved in making sure the Client gets exactly what is desired.

So, whether it is a new-build or a refit, the layout of a superyacht stateroom or the saloon of a sleek private jet, or even the colour, size and finish of a single cushion in the Client's Sitting room at home, Seymour Diamond will make sure it is perfect and faultless.

Continuing close liaison with and reporting back to the Client for instruction and approval - personal service and attention to detail throughout - setting up and monitoring design timetables and necessary budgeting, purchasing and management systems to facilitate project completion on time and on budget - those too are facets of Seymour Diamond's approach to the complete Design and Project Management service they offer.