Seymour Diamond has a simple yet effective approach to all our commissions: Fiona Diamond is ‘hands-on’ at all times and at all stages of the project, with no unnecessary layers of personnel or management protocols. The studio is deliberately small with a carefully selected team in support. From the first client consultation through to the development of the design, presentation and specification of the final spatial and interior layouts, Fiona and her team are at all times involved in making sure the Client gets exactly what is desired.

Whether a new build or a refit project, the layout of a superyacht stateroom, the saloon of a sleek private jet, or the finest details of upholstery in a sitting room at home, we make sure it is faultless.

The Seymour Diamond approach includes: continual liaison with the Client for instruction and approval; personal service and attention to detail from inception to completion; formulating and monitoring design timetables, budgeting, purchasing and management systems to make sure projects are delivered on time and within budget.