Seymour Diamond is design led from the top, with a can do mind-set, resulting in a track record of success in managing complex projects.  These have notoriety and reflect a depth of experience. We guarantee skilful artisans, designers and management incorporating original artistic input which is an asset to any prime design project. Seymour Diamond prides itself on its discretion and approach to confidentiality.

The process from inception of a design to completion includes stages which Fiona Diamond goes through with the Client to ensure their vision and requirements are met and the Client’s ultimate interior is realised according to the style and taste desired. Once a client is satisfied with the concept, we supply scaled plans, elevations and design details according to the concept to enable final issue of production drawings.

This stage includes the design of colour boards and furniture images, we create a schedule of decorative finishes for the interior subcontractors both for tender and to align with budgets. Whilst continuously liaising with our clients we purchase and manage the delivery of all items, carry out site visits during installation of items to ensure the correct attention to detail is given, as well as the correct interpretation of working drawings is realised.

To best represent the interests of our clients we listen to your objectives and expectations, whilst building empathy and rapport. We can attend project meetings on behalf of/or with our clients, and advise through any selection process of design teams, consultants and contractors according to your needs and specific project. We are also advisors on the set up of contractual agreements and anticipate for our clients potential areas of concern to pre-empt,  saving considerable time.

The process of design can be unfamiliar to clients when they first embark on a project, we can guide you to formulate key strategies, advise on the logistics and planning of the project, as well as monitor project schedules. We ensure that you are informed all the time and Seymour Diamond is the point of contact for all relevant teams working on your project, on behalf of the Client if desired.

Our years of experience and knowledge of the market informs our project management, as well as current knowledge of innovations, which enables us to source the finest suppliers and bespoke solutions most appropriate for the Client.

We ensure excellent service by establishing the right contractors to fulfil our clients brief and defining the selected team’s responsibilities within the project, assisting with time schedules throughout the project including a timetable of meetings to manage progress. Seymour Diamond works alongside architects, engineers and regulators. We can maintain flows of communication between all project team members, and on our Client’s request, will tackle administrative tasks if instructed.

The success of a project begins by listening to our clients’ objectives for the use of a space, their vision and dreams, and putting the best teams, with the right provenance and passion, to work until completion of the project.